Frequently asked questions.

Q - I have sent a copy of my CV to Platinum Resourcing and I can see some vacancies on your website that I think I am suitable for. Why have you not contacted me?

This could be for any number of reasons. For example, clients are often specific about industry sector experience. It could also be that based on the information that you have given us we don’t think that you would be interested. For example, the vacancy may be paying less than the minimum salary you are looking for. If in doubt then please give us a call.

Q - I have been put forward for one job vacancy by Platinum Resourcing and want to apply for another vacancy through Platinum Resourcing, is this possible?

YES, you can apply and be put forward for as many roles as we think you are suitable for. If you receive an offer from more than one client then the decision will obviously be yours as to which one you accept.

Q - What are the benefits of registering with Platinum Resourcing?

We are a reputable recruitment agency with many years’ experience in the sectors that we cover. We have in-depth market knowledge and will therefore be able to make you aware of vacancies that are not advertised in the press or through other agencies. We also manage the entire application process and will liaise with the client on your behalf. Platinum Resourcing can also give feedback on your CV, advice on interviews and negotiate salaries at offer stage.

Q - I have had bad experiences with other agencies sending my CV to companies without my permission. Will Platinum do this?

NEVER, we only present your details to a client after we have discussed the vacancy with you and obtained your permission to do so.

Q - I have applied for a vacancy online, does this mean that my details have been sent to the client?

No, we screen all applications and contact suitable applicants to discuss the role in detail.

Q - I have applied for a vacancy and I have not been contacted?

We acknowledge all applications via e-mail or telephone if we think that you are suitable for the role. If we have not contacted you then we felt you were unsuitable for the role or we have not received your CV. Please check your email to see if you have received our automated response, which confirms that we have received the CV. If you really think that you are suitable then please give us a call and we will happily discuss our decision, CV’s are sometimes ambiguous and we can make mistakes as well!

Q - Do I need to come in to register?

Face to face registrations are always preferable, however if it is difficult for you to make an appointment to come in, we can arrange a SKYPE or telephone registration at a time to suit you.

Q - Do I need to make an appointment?

Ideally YES please. Whilst we welcome visitors popping in, it is advisable to make an appointment to ensure there is a Consultant free to speak to you.

Q - Can Platinum still forward my CV in respect of a vacancy for which it has previously been submitted?

NO! The best advice we can give is to ensure your CV is only ever sent once to a client.

Q - Do I need to respond to Platinum?

YES please! We are often contacting you at the request of a client (often to set up an interview) so please respond as soon as you can. If a phone call is tricky, email and text messages are fine. We also have a voicemail facility for out of hours contact.